Trains and validates private logistic regression model via DP-SGD.

The training is based on the differentially private stochasstic gradient descent algorithm implemented in TensorFlow Privacy.

train_dataset consists of num_train many labeled examples, where the labels are in {0,1,...,num_classes-1}.
test_dataset consists of num_test many labeled examples, where the labels are in {0,1,...,num_classes-1}.
epsilon epsilon parameter in (epsilon, delta)-DP.
delta delta parameter in (epsilon, delta)-DP.
epochs number of training epochs.
num_classes number of classes.
batch_size the number of examples in each batch of gradient descent.
num_microbatches the number of microbatches in gradient descent.
clipping_norm the gradients will be normalized by DPKerasAdamOptimizer to have l2-norm at most clipping_norm.

List of test accuracies (one for each epoch) on test_dataset of model trained on train_dataset.