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A flag that can appear multiple time on the command-line.

Inherits From: Flag

The value of such a flag is a list that contains the individual values from all the appearances of that flag on the command-line.

See the doc for Flag for most behavior of this class. Only differences in behavior are described here:

  • The default value may be either a single value or an iterable of values. A single value is transformed into a single-item list of that value.

  • The value of the flag is always a list, even if the option was only supplied once, and even if the default value is a single value




See base class.


Parses one or more arguments with the installed parser.

arguments a single argument or a list of arguments (typically a list of default values); a single argument is converted internally into a list containing one item.


Serializes the flag.



Return self==value.


Return a >= b. Computed by @total_ordering from (not a < b).


Return a > b. Computed by @total_ordering from (not a < b) and (a != b).


Return a <= b. Computed by @total_ordering from (a < b) or (a == b).


Return self<value.