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Generates a checkpoint state proto.

save_dir Directory where the model was saved.
model_checkpoint_path The checkpoint file.
all_model_checkpoint_paths List of strings. Paths to all not-yet-deleted checkpoints, sorted from oldest to newest. If this is a non-empty list, the last element must be equal to model_checkpoint_path. These paths are also saved in the CheckpointState proto.
all_model_checkpoint_timestamps A list of floats, indicating the number of seconds since the Epoch when each checkpoint was generated.
last_preserved_timestamp A float, indicating the number of seconds since the Epoch when the last preserved checkpoint was written, e.g. due to a keep_checkpoint_every_n_hours parameter (see tf.train.CheckpointManager for an implementation).

CheckpointState proto with model_checkpoint_path and all_model_checkpoint_paths updated to either absolute paths or relative paths to the current save_dir.

ValueError If all_model_checkpoint_timestamps was provided but its length does not match all_model_checkpoint_paths.