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Crop the central region of the image(s).

    image, central_fraction

Remove the outer parts of an image but retain the central region of the image along each dimension. If we specify central_fraction = 0.5, this function returns the region marked with "X" in the below diagram.

|        |
|  XXXX  |
|  XXXX  |
|        |   where "X" is the central 50% of the image.

This function works on either a single image (image is a 3-D Tensor), or a batch of images (image is a 4-D Tensor).


  • image: Either a 3-D float Tensor of shape [height, width, depth], or a 4-D Tensor of shape [batch_size, height, width, depth].
  • central_fraction: float (0, 1], fraction of size to crop Usage Example: python >> import tensorflow as tf >> x = tf.random.normal(shape=(256, 256, 3)) >> tf.image.central_crop(x, 0.5)


  • ValueError: if central_crop_fraction is not within (0, 1].


3-D / 4-D float Tensor, as per the input.