Module: hub

TensorFlow Hub Library.


class LatestModuleExporter: Regularly exports registered modules into timestamped directories.

class Module: Part of a TensorFlow model that can be transferred between models.

class ModuleSpec: Represents the contents of a Module before it has been instantiated.


add_signature(...): Adds a signature to the module definition.

create_module_spec(...): Creates a ModuleSpec from a function that builds the module's graph.

get_expected_image_size(...): Returns expected [height, width] dimensions of an image input.

get_num_image_channels(...): Returns expected num_channels dimensions of an image input.

image_embedding_column(...): Uses a Module to get a dense 1-D representation from the pixels of images.

load_module_spec(...): Loads a ModuleSpec from the filesystem.

register_module_for_export(...): Register a Module to be exported under export_name.

text_embedding_column(...): Uses a Module to construct a dense representation from a text feature.

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