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TensorFlow Hub

Publishing on

Are you interested in publishing your modules on Express your interest via our Publisher Survey. We appreciate your valuable feedback, and will be providing more information about publishing modules in the coming months. For now, please read our documentation about Hosting a Module.


As in all of machine learning, fairness is an important consideration. Modules typically leverage large pretrained datasets. When reusing such a dataset, it’s important to be mindful of what data it contains (and whether there are any existing biases there), and how these might impact your downstream experiments.


Although we hope to prevent breaking changes, this project is still under active development and is not yet guaranteed to have a stable API or module format.


Since they contain arbitrary TensorFlow graphs, modules can be thought of as programs. Using TensorFlow Securely describes the security implications of referencing a module from an untrusted source.

Source-Code & Bug Reports

The source code is available on GitHub. Use GitHub issues for feature requests and bugs. Please see the TensorFlow Hub mailing list for general questions and discussion.