Getting DICOM Image Data.

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This package has two operations which wrap DCMTK functions. decode_dicom_image decodes the pixel data from DICOM files, and decode_dicom_data decodes tag information. dicom_tags contains useful DICOM tags such as dicom_tags.PatientsName. We borrow the same tag notation from the pydicom dicom package.

The detailed usage of DICOM is available in tutorial.

If this package helped, please kindly cite the below:

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contents A Tensor of type string. 0-D. The byte string encoded DICOM file.
color_dim An optional bool. Defaults to False. If True, a third channel will be appended to all images forming a 3-D tensor. A 1024 x 1024 grayscale image will be 1024 x 1024 x 1.
on_error Defaults to skip. This attribute establishes the behavior in case an error occurs on opening the image or if the output type cannot accomodate all the possible input values. For example if the user sets the output dtype to tf.uint8, but a dicom image stores a tf.uint16 type. strict throws an error. skip returns a 1-D empty tensor. lossy continues with the operation scaling the value via the scale attribute.
scale Defaults to preserve. This attribute establishes what to do with the scale of the input values. auto will autoscale the input values, if the output type is integer, auto will use the maximum output scale for example a uint8 which stores values from [0, 255] can be linearly stretched to fill a uint16 that is [0,65535]. If the output is float, auto will scale to [0,1]. preserve keeps the values as they are, an input value greater than the maximum possible output will be clipped.
dtype An optional tf.DType from: tf.uint8, tf.uint16, tf.uint32, tf.uint64, tf.float16, tf.float32, tf.float64. Defaults to tf.uint16.
name A name for the operation (optional).

A Tensor of type dtype and the shape is determined by the DICOM file.