Creates a tfl.layers.Lattice layer.

lattice_input Input to the lattice layer.
feature_configs A list of tfl.configs.FeatureConfig instances that specify configurations for each feature.
model_config Model configuration object describing model architecture. Should be one of the model configs in tfl.configs.
layer_output_range A tfl.premade_lib.LayerOutputRange enum.
submodel_index Corresponding index into submodels.
is_inside_ensemble If this layer is inside an ensemble.
dtype dtype

A tfl.layers.Lattice instance if model_config.parameterization is set to 'all_vertices' or a tfl.layers.KroneckerFactoredLattice instance if set to 'kronecker_factored'.

ValueError If model_config.parameterization is not one of 'all_vertices' or 'kronecker_factored'.