Module: tfl.pwl_calibration_layer

Piecewise linear calibration layer.

Keras implementation of tensorflow lattice pwl calibration layer. Layer takes single or multi-dimensional input and transforms it using piecewise linear functions following monotonicity, convexity/concavity and bounds constraints if specified.


class HessianRegularizer: Hessian regularizer for PWL calibration layer.

class LaplacianRegularizer: Laplacian regularizer for PWL calibration layer.

class NaiveBoundsConstraints: Naively clips all elements of tensor to be within bounds.

class PWLCalibrationConstraints: Monotonicity and bounds constraints for PWL calibration layer.

class UniformOutputInitializer: Initializes PWL calibration layer to represent linear function.

class WrinkleRegularizer: Wrinkle regularizer for PWL calibration layer.

INTERPOLATION_KEYPOINTS_NAME 'interpolation_keypoints'
INTERPOLATION_LOGITS_NAME 'interpolation_logits'
LENGTHS_NAME 'lengths'
MISSING_INPUT_VALUE_NAME 'missing_input_value'
PWL_CALIBRATION_KERNEL_NAME 'pwl_calibration_kernel'
PWL_CALIBRATION_MISSING_OUTPUT_NAME 'pwl_calibration_missing_output'
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