public class QuantizeOp

Quantizes a TensorBuffer with given zeroPoint and scale.

Note: QuantizeOp does not cast output to UINT8, but only performs the quantization math on top of input. The data type of output tensor is always FLOAT32 except that the Op is effectively an identity Op (in this case, the output tensor is the same instance as the input). To connect with quantized model, a CastOp is probably needed.

If both zeroPoint and scale are 0, the QuantizeOp will be bypassed, which is equivalent to setting zeroPoint to 0 and scale to 1. This can be useful when passing in the quantization parameters that are extracted directly from the TFLite model flatbuffer. If the tensor is not quantized, both zeroPoint and scale will be read as 0.

Public Constructors

QuantizeOp(float zeroPoint, float scale)

Inherited Methods

Public Constructors

public QuantizeOp (float zeroPoint, float scale)