Module: tflite_support.metadata_writers.metadata_info

Helper classes for common model metadata information.


writer_utils module: Helper methods for writing metadata into TFLite models.


class AssociatedFileMd: A container for common associated file metadata information.

class BertInputTensorsMd: A container for the input tensor metadata information of Bert models.

class BertTokenizerMd: A container for the Bert tokenizer [1] metadata information.

class CategoryTensorMd: A container for the category tensor metadata information.

class ClassificationTensorMd: A container for the classification tensor metadata information.

class GeneralMd: A container for common metadata information of a model.

class InputAudioTensorMd: A container for the input audio tensor metadata information.

class InputImageTensorMd: A container for input image tensor metadata information.

class InputTextTensorMd: A container for the input text tensor metadata information.

class LabelFileMd: A container for label file metadata information.

class RegexTokenizerMd: A container for the Regex tokenizer [1] metadata information.

class ScoreCalibrationMd: A container for score calibration [1] metadata information.

class SentencePieceTokenizerMd: A container for the sentence piece tokenizer [1] metadata information.

class TensorMd: A container for common tensor metadata information.