Install TensorFlow Model Optimization

It is recommended to create a Python virtual environment before proceeding to the installation. Please see the TensorFlow installation guide for more information.

Stable Builds

To install the latest version, run the following:

# Installing with the `--upgrade` flag ensures you'll get the latest version.
pip install --user --upgrade tensorflow-model-optimization

For release details, see our release notes.

For the required version of TensorFlow and other compatibility information, see the API Compatibility Matrix section of the Overview page for the technique you intend to use. For instance, for pruning, the Overview page is here.

Since TensorFlow is not included as a dependency of the TensorFlow Model Optimization package (in, you must explicitly install the TensorFlow package (tf-nightly or tf-nightly-gpu). This allows us to maintain one package instead of separate packages for CPU and GPU-enabled TensorFlow.

Installing from Source

You can also install from source. This requires the Bazel build system.

# To install dependencies on Ubuntu:
# sudo apt-get install bazel git python-pip
# For other platforms, see Bazel docs above.
git clone
cd model-optimization
bazel build --copt=-O3 --copt=-march=native :pip_pkg
PKGDIR=$(mktemp -d)
./bazel-bin/pip_pkg $PKGDIR
pip install --user --upgrade $PKGDIR/*.whl