Module: tfr.extension.premade

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TensorFlow Ranking Premade Orbit Task Module.


tfrbert_task module: TF-Ranking BERT task.


class TFRBertConfig: The tf-ranking BERT task config.

class TFRBertDataConfig: Data config for TFR-BERT task.

class TFRBertDataLoader: A class to load dataset for TFR-BERT task.

class TFRBertModelBuilder: Model builder for TFR-BERT models.

class TFRBertModelConfig: A TFR-BERT model configuration.

class TFRBertScorer: Univariate BERT-based scorer.

class TFRBertTask: Task object for tf-ranking BERT.

Type Aliases



DOCUMENT_ID 'document_id'
QUERY_ID 'query_id'