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Module: tfr.keras.metrics

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Keras metrics in TF-Ranking.


class ARPMetric: Average relevance position (ARP).

class AlphaDCGMetric: Alpha discounted cumulative gain (alphaDCG).

class DCGMetric: Discounted cumulative gain (DCG).

class HitsMetric: Hits@k metric.

class MRRMetric: Mean reciprocal rank (MRR).

class MeanAveragePrecisionMetric: Mean average precision (MAP).

class NDCGMetric: Normalized discounted cumulative gain (NDCG).

class OPAMetric: Ordered pair accuracy (OPA).

class PrecisionIAMetric: Precision-IA@k (Pre-IA@k).

class PrecisionMetric: Precision@k (P@k).

class RankingMetricKey: Ranking metric key strings.

class RecallMetric: Recall@k (R@k).


default_keras_metrics(...): Returns a list of ranking metrics.

get(...): Factory method to get a list of ranking metrics.

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