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Module: tfr.keras.model

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Ranking model utilities and classes in tfr.keras.


class AbstractModelBuilder: Interface to build a tf.keras.Model for ranking.

class DNNScorer: Univariate scorer using DNN.

class FeatureSpecInputCreator: InputCreator with feature specs.

class GAMScorer: Univariate scorer using GAM.

class InputCreator: Interface for input creator.

class ModelBuilder: Builds a tf.keras.Model.

class ModelBuilderWithMask: Interface to build a tf.keras.Model for ranking with a mask Tensor.

class Preprocessor: Interface for feature preprocessing.

class PreprocessorWithSpec: Preprocessing inputs with provided spec.

class Scorer: Interface for scorer.

class TypeSpecInputCreator: InputCreator with tensor type specs.

class UnivariateScorer: Interface for univariate scorer.


create_keras_model(...): Creates a Functional Keras ranking model.

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