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Returns the element-wise sum of a list of tensors.

    inputs, shape=None, tensor_dtype=None, name=None

Optionally, pass shape and tensor_dtype for shape and type checking, otherwise, these are inferred.

accumulate_n performs the same operation as tf.math.add_n.

For example:

a = tf.constant([[1, 2], [3, 4]])
b = tf.constant([[5, 0], [0, 6]])
tf.math.accumulate_n([a, b, a])  # [[7, 4], [6, 14]]

# Explicitly pass shape and type
tf.math.accumulate_n([a, b, a], shape=[2, 2], tensor_dtype=tf.int32)
                                                               # [[7,  4],
                                                               #  [6, 14]]


  • inputs: A list of Tensor objects, each with same shape and type.
  • shape: Expected shape of elements of inputs (optional). Also controls the output shape of this op, which may affect type inference in other ops. A value of None means "infer the input shape from the shapes in inputs".
  • tensor_dtype: Expected data type of inputs (optional). A value of None means "infer the input dtype from inputs[0]".
  • name: A name for the operation (optional).


A Tensor of same shape and type as the elements of inputs.


  • ValueError: If inputs don't all have same shape and dtype or the shape cannot be inferred.