Returns the element-wise sum of a list of tensors.

Optionally, pass shape and tensor_dtype for shape and type checking, otherwise, these are inferred.

accumulate_n performs the same operation as tf.math.add_n.

For example:

a = tf.constant([[1, 2], [3, 4]])
b = tf.constant([[5, 0], [0, 6]])
tf.math.accumulate_n([a, b, a])  # [[7, 4], [6, 14]]

# Explicitly pass shape and type
tf.math.accumulate_n([a, b, a], shape=[2, 2], tensor_dtype=tf.int32)
                                                               # [[7,  4],
                                                               #  [6, 14]]

inputs A list of Tensor objects, each with same shape and type.
shape Expected shape of elements of inputs (optional). Also controls the output shape of this op, which may affect type inference in other ops. A value of None means "infer the input shape from the shapes in inputs".
tensor_dtype Expected data type of inputs (optional). A value of None means "infer the input dtype from