Iterator capable of reading images from a directory on disk.

Inherits From: Iterator, Sequence

directory Path to the directory to read images from. Each subdirectory in this directory will be considered to contain images from one class, or alternatively you could specify class subdirectories via the classes argument.
image_data_generator Instance of ImageDataGenerator to use for random transformations and normalization.
target_size tuple of integers, dimensions to resize input images to.
color_mode One of "rgb", "rgba", "grayscale". Color mode to read images.
classes Optional list of strings, names of subdirectories containing images from each class (e.g. ["dogs", "cats"]). It will be computed automatically if not set.
class_mode Mode for yielding the targets:

  • "binary": binary targets (if there are only two classes),
  • "categorical": categorical targets,
  • "sparse": integer targets,
  • "input": targets are images identical to input images (mainly used to work with autoencoders),
  • None: no targets get yielded (only input images are yielded).
batch_size Integer, size of a batch.
shuffle Boolean, whether to shuffle the data between epochs.
seed Random seed for data shuffling.
data_format String, one of channels_first, channels_last.
save_to_dir Optional directory where t