Module: tf.compat.v1.flags

Import router for absl.flags. See


tf_decorator module: Base TFDecorator class and utility functions for working with decorators.


class ArgumentParser: Base class used to parse and convert arguments.

class ArgumentSerializer: Base class for generating string representations of a flag value.

class BaseListParser: Base class for a parser of lists of strings.

class BooleanFlag: Basic boolean flag.

class BooleanParser: Parser of boolean values.

class CantOpenFlagFileError: Raised when flagfile fails to open.

class CsvListSerializer: Base class for generating string representations of a flag value.

class DuplicateFlagError: Raised if there is a flag naming conflict.

class EnumClassFlag: Basic enum flag; its value is an enum class's member.

class EnumClassParser: Parser of an Enum class member.

class EnumFlag: Basic enum flag; its value can be any string from list of enum_values.

class EnumParser: Parser of a string enum value (a string value from a given set).

class Error: The base class for all flags errors.

class Flag: Information about a command-line flag.

class FlagHolder: Holds a defined flag.

class FlagNameConflictsWithMethodError: Raised when a flag name conflicts with FlagValues methods.

class FlagValues: Registry of 'Flag' objects.

class FloatParser: Parser of floating point values.

class IllegalFlagValueError: Raised when the flag command line argument is illegal.