Gather slices from params into a Tensor with shape specified by indices.

indices is an K-dimensional integer tensor, best thought of as a (K-1)-dimensional tensor of indices into params, where each element defines a slice of params:

output[\\(i_0, ..., i_{K-2}\\)] = params[indices[\\(i_0, ..., i_{K-2}\\)]]

Whereas in tf.gather indices defines slices into the first dimension of params, in tf.gather_nd, indices defines slices into the first N dimensions of params, where N = indices.shape[-1].

The last dimension of indices can be at most the rank of params:

indices.shape[-1] <= params.rank

The last dimension of indices corresponds to elements (if indices.shape[-1] == params.rank) or slices (if indices.shape[-1] < params.rank) along dimension indices.shape[-1] of params. The output tensor has shape

indices.shape[:-1] + params.shape[indices.shape[-1]:]

Additionally both 'params' and 'indices' can have M leading batch dimensions that exactly match. In this case 'batch_dims' must be M.

Note that on CPU, if an