RNN that accepts a state saver for time-truncated RNN calculation. (deprecated)

cell An instance of RNNCell.
inputs A length T list of inputs, each a Tensor of shape [batch_size, input_size].
state_saver A state saver object with methods state and save_state.
state_name Python string or tuple of strings. The name to use with the state_saver. If the cell returns tuples of states (i.e., cell.state_size is a tuple) then state_name should be a tuple of strings having the same length as cell.state_size. Otherwise it should be a single string.
sequence_length (optional) An int32/int64 vector size [batch_size]. See the documentation for rnn() for more details about sequence_length.
scope VariableScope for the created subgraph; defaults to "rnn".

A pair (outputs, state) where: outputs is a length T list of outputs (one for each input) states is the final state