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Inverse 3D real-valued fast Fourier transform.



Computes the inverse 3-dimensional discrete Fourier transform of a real-valued signal over the inner-most 3 dimensions of input.

The inner-most 3 dimensions of input are assumed to be the result of RFFT3D: The inner-most dimension contains the fft_length / 2 + 1 unique components of the DFT of a real-valued signal. If fft_length is not provided, it is computed from the size of the inner-most 3 dimensions of input. If the FFT length used to compute input is odd, it should be provided since it cannot be inferred properly.

Along each axis IRFFT3D is computed on, if fft_length (or fft_length / 2 + 1 for the inner-most dimension) is smaller than the corresponding dimension of input, the dimension is cropped. If it is larger, the dimension is padded with zeros.


  • input: A Tensor of type complex64. A complex64 tensor.
  • fft_length: A Tensor of type int32. An int32 tensor of shape [3]. The FFT length for each dimension.
  • name: A name for the operation (optional).


A Tensor of type float32.