Module: tf.linalg

Operations for linear algebra.


experimental module: Public API for tf.linalg.experimental namespace.


class LinearOperator: Base class defining a [batch of] linear operator[s].

class LinearOperatorAdjoint: LinearOperator representing the adjoint of another operator.

class LinearOperatorBlockDiag: Combines one or more LinearOperators in to a Block Diagonal matrix.

class LinearOperatorBlockLowerTriangular: Combines LinearOperators into a blockwise lower-triangular matrix.

class LinearOperatorCirculant: LinearOperator acting like a circulant matrix.

class LinearOperatorCirculant2D: LinearOperator acting like a block circulant matrix.

class LinearOperatorCirculant3D: LinearOperator acting like a nested block circulant matrix.

class LinearOperatorComposition: Composes one or more LinearOperators.

class LinearOperatorDiag: LinearOperator acting like a [batch] square diagonal matrix.

class LinearOperatorFullMatrix: LinearOperator that wraps a [batch] matrix.

class LinearOperatorHouseholder