Base class for queue implementations.

A queue is a TensorFlow data structure that stores tensors across multiple steps, and exposes operations that enqueue and dequeue tensors.

Each queue element is a tuple of one or more tensors, where each tuple component has a static dtype, and may have a static shape. The queue implementations support versions of enqueue and dequeue that handle single elements, versions that support enqueuing and dequeuing a batch of elements at once.

See tf.queue.FIFOQueue and tf.queue.RandomShuffleQueue for concrete implementations of this class, and instructions on how to create them.

dtypes A list of types. The length of dtypes must equal the number of tensors in each element.
shapes Constraints on the shapes of tensors in an element: A list of shape tuples or None. This list is the same length as dtypes. If the shape of any tensors in the element are constrained, all m