Write a scalar summary.

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See also tf.summary.image, tf.summary.histogram, tf.summary.SummaryWriter.

Writes simple numeric values for later analysis in TensorBoard. Writes go to the current default summary writer. Each summary point is associated with an integral step value. This enables the incremental logging of time series data. A common usage of this API is to log loss during training to produce a loss curve.

For example:

test_summary_writer = tf.summary.create_file_writer('test/logdir')
with test_summary_writer.as_default():
    tf.summary.scalar('loss', 0.345, step=1)
    tf.summary.scalar('loss', 0.234, step=2)
    tf.summary.scalar('loss', 0.123, step=3)

Multiple independent time series may be logged by giving each series a unique name value.

See Get started with TensorBoard for more examples of effective usage of tf.summary.scalar.

In general, this API