Additive attention layer, a.k.a. Bahdanau-style attention.

Inherits From: Layer, Module

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Inputs are query tensor of shape [batch_size, Tq, dim], value tensor of shape [batch_size, Tv, dim] and key tensor of shape [batch_size, Tv, dim]. The calculation follows the steps:

  1. Reshape query and value into shapes [batch_size, Tq, 1, dim] and [batch_size, 1, Tv, dim] respectively.
  2. Calculate scores with shape [batch_size, Tq, Tv] as a non-linear sum: scores = tf.reduce_sum(tf.tanh(query + value), axis=-1)
  3. Use scores to calculate a distribution with shape [batch_size, Tq, Tv]: distribution = tf.nn.softmax(scores