A queue that randomizes the order of elements.

component_types A list of tf.DTypes that has length >= 1. The type of each component in a value.
shapes An optional list of shapes (each a tf.TensorShape or list of ints). Defaults to []. The shape of each component in a value. The length of this attr must be either 0 or the same as the length of component_types. If the length of this attr is 0, the shapes of queue elements are not constrained, and only one element may be dequeued at a time.
capacity An optional int. Defaults to -1. The upper bound on the number of elements in this queue. Negative numbers mean no limit.
min_after_dequeue An optional int. Defaults to 0. Dequeue will block unless there would be this many elements after the dequeue or the queue is closed. This ensures a minimum level of mixing of elements.
seed An optional int. Defaults to 0. If either seed or seed2 is set to be non-zero, the random number generator is seeded by the given seed. Otherwise, a random seed is used.
seed2 An optional int. Defaults to 0. A second seed to avoid seed collision.
container An optional string. Defaults to "". If non-empty, this queue is placed in the given container. Otherwise, a default container is used.