Returns a batched diagonal tensor with given batched diagonal values.

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Returns a tensor with the contents in diagonal as k[0]-th to k[1]-th diagonals of a matrix, with everything else padded with padding. num_rows and num_cols specify the dimension of the innermost matrix of the output. If both are not specified, the op assumes the innermost matrix is square and infers its size from k and the innermost dimension of diagonal. If only one of them is specified, the op assumes the unspecified value is the smallest possible based on other criteria.

Let diagonal have r dimensions [I, J, ..., L, M, N]. The output tensor has rank r+1 with shape [I, J, ..., L, M, num_rows, num_cols] when only one diagonal is given (k is an integer or k[0] == k[1]). Otherwise, it has rank r with shape [I, J, ..., L, num_rows, num_cols].

The second innermost dimension of diagonal has double meaning. When k is scalar or k[0] == k[