Module: tf.compat.v1.saved_model

Public API for tf.saved_model namespace.


builder module: SavedModel builder.

constants module: Constants for SavedModel save and restore operations.

experimental module: Public API for tf.saved_model.experimental namespace.

loader module: Loader functionality for SavedModel with hermetic, language-neutral exports.

main_op module: SavedModel main op.

signature_constants module: Signature constants for SavedModel save and restore operations.

signature_def_utils module: SignatureDef utility functions.

tag_constants module: Common tags used for graphs in SavedModel.

utils module: SavedModel utility functions.


class Asset: Represents a file asset to hermetically include in a SavedModel.

class Builder: Builds the SavedModel protocol buffer and saves variables and assets.

class SaveOptions: Options for saving to SavedModel.


build_signature_def(...): Utility function to build a SignatureDef protocol buffer.

build_tensor_info(...): Utility function to build TensorInfo proto from a Tensor. (deprecated)

classification_signature_def(...): Creates classification signature from given examples and predictions.

contains_saved_model(...): Checks whether the provided export directory could contain a SavedModel.