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Configuration class for tf.data service dispatchers.


  • dispatcher_address: Specifies the address of the dispatcher.
  • worker_address: Specifies the address of the worker server. This address is passed to the dispatcher so that the dispatcher can tell clients how to connect to this worker.
  • port: Specifies the port to bind to. A value of 0 indicates that the worker can bind to any available port.
  • protocol: (Optional.) Specifies the protocol to be used by the server. Defaults to "grpc".
  • heartbeat_interval_ms: How often the worker should heartbeat to the dispatcher, in milliseconds. If not set, the runtime will select a reasonable default. A higher value will reduce the load on the dispatcher, while a lower value will reduce the time it takes to reclaim resources from finished jobs.
  • dispatcher_timeout_ms: How long, in milliseconds, to retry requests to the dispatcher before giving up and reporting an error. Defaults to 1 hour.