Module: tf.keras.utils

Public API for tf.keras.utils namespace.


experimental module: Public API for tf.keras.utils.experimental namespace.


class CustomObjectScope: Exposes custom classes/functions to Keras deserialization internals.

class GeneratorEnqueuer: Builds a queue out of a data generator.

class OrderedEnqueuer: Builds a Enqueuer from a Sequence.

class Progbar: Displays a progress bar.

class Sequence: Base object for fitting to a sequence of data, such as a dataset.

class SequenceEnqueuer: Base class to enqueue inputs.

class custom_object_scope: Exposes custom classes/functions to Keras deserialization internals.


deserialize_keras_object(...): Turns the serialized form of a Keras object back into an actual object.

get_custom_objects(...): Retrieves a live reference to the global dictionary of custom objects.

get_file(...): Downloads a file from a URL if it not already in the cache.

get_registered_name(...): Returns the name registered to an object within the Keras framework.

get_registered_object(...): Returns the class associated with name if it is register