Module: tf.compat.v1.errors

Exception types for TensorFlow errors.


class AbortedError: The operation was aborted, typically due to a concurrent action.

class AlreadyExistsError: Raised when an entity that we attempted to create already exists.

class CancelledError: Raised when an operation or step is cancelled.

class DataLossError: Raised when unrecoverable data loss or corruption is encountered.

class DeadlineExceededError: Raised when a deadline expires before an operation could complete.

class FailedPreconditionError: Operation was rejected because the system is not in a state to execute it.

class InternalError: Raised when the system experiences an internal error.

class InvalidArgumentError: Raised when an operation receives an invalid argument.

class NotFoundError: Raised when a requested entity (e.g., a file or directory) was not found.

class OpError: The base class for TensorFlow exceptions.