Adds sparse updates to an existing tensor according to indices.

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This operation creates a new tensor by adding sparse updates to the passed in tensor. This operation is very similar to tf.scatter_nd_add, except that the updates are added onto an existing tensor (as opposed to a variable). If the memory for the existing tensor cannot be re-used, a copy is made and updated.

indices is an integer tensor containing indices into a new tensor of shape tensor.shape. The last dimension of indices can be at most the rank of tensor.shape:

indices.shape[-1] <= tensor.shape.rank

The last dimension of indices corresponds to indices into elements (if indices.shape[-1] = tensor.shape.rank) or slices (if indices.shape[-1] < tensor.shape.rank) along dimension indices.shape[-1] of tensor.shape. updates is a tensor with shape

indices.shape[:-1] + tensor.shape[indices.shape[-1]:]

The simplest form of tensor_scatter_add is to