Count the number of times an integer value appears in a tensor.

This op takes an N-dimensional Tensor, RaggedTensor, or SparseTensor, and returns an N-dimensional int64 SparseTensor where element [i0...i[axis], j] contains the number of times the value j appears in slice [i0...i[axis], :] of the input tensor. Currently, only N=0 and N=-1 are supported.

values A Tensor, RaggedTensor, or SparseTensor whose values should be counted. These tensors must have a rank of 2 if axis=-1.
weights If non-None, must be the same shape as arr. For each value in value, the bin will be incremented by the corresponding weight instead of 1.
axis The axis to slice over. Axes at and below axis will be flattened before bin counting. Currently, only 0, and -1 are supported. If None, all axes will be flattened (identical to passing 0).
minlength If given, ensures the output has length at least minlength, padding with zeros at the end if necessary.
maxlength If given, skips values in values that are equal or greater than maxlength, ensuring that the output has length at most maxlength.
binary_output If True,