Updates the method name(s) of the SavedModel stored in the given path.

The MethodNameUpdater class provides the functionality to update the method name field in the signature_defs of the given SavedModel. For example, it can be used to replace the predict method_name to regress.

Typical usages of the MethodNameUpdater

updater = tf.compat.v1.saved_model.signature_def_utils.MethodNameUpdater(
# Update all signature_defs with key "foo" in all meta graph defs.
updater.replace_method_name(signature_key="foo", method_name="regress")
# Update a single signature_def with key "bar" in the meta graph def with
# tags ["serve"]
updater.replace_method_name(signature_key="bar", method_name="classify",

export_dir Directory containing the SavedModel files.

IOError If the saved model file does not exist, or cannot be successfully parsed.



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Replaces the method_name in the specified signature_def.

This will match and replace multiple sig defs iff tags is None (i.e when multiple MetaGraphs have a signature_def with the same key). If tags is not None, this will only replace a single signature_def in the MetaGraph with matching tags.

signature_key Key of the signature_def to be updated.
method_name new method_name to replace the existing one.
tags A tag or sequence of tags identifying the MetaGraph to update. If None, all meta graphs will be updated.

ValueError if signature_key or method_name are not defined or if no metagraphs were found with the associated tags or if no meta graph has a signature_def that matches signature_key.


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Saves the updated SavedModel.

new_export_dir Path where the updated SavedModel will be saved. If None, the input SavedModel will be overriden with the updates.

errors.OpError If there are errors during the file save operation.