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Class GraphNeighborConfig

Specifies neighbor attributes for graph regularization.


  • prefix: The prefix in feature names that identifies neighbor-specific features. Defaults to 'NLnbr'.
  • weight_suffix: The suffix in feature names that identifies the neighbor weight value. Defaults to '_weight'. Note that neighbor weight features will have prefix as a prefix and weight_suffix as a suffix. For example, based on the default values of prefix and weight_suffix, a valid neighbor weight feature is 'NL_nbr_0_weight', where 0 corresponds to the first neighbor of the sample.
  • max_neighbors: The maximum number of neighbors to be used for graph regularization. Defaults to 0, which disables graph regularization. Note that this value has to be less than or equal to the actual number of neighbors in each sample.



Initialize self. See help(type(self)) for accurate signature.




Return self==value.



Automatically created by attrs.



Automatically created by attrs.



Automatically created by attrs.



Automatically created by attrs.



Check equality and either forward a NotImplemented or return the result negated.