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Normalizes the values in tensor with respect to the specified vector norm.


This op takes into account the first axis being the batch dimension, and calculates the norm over all other axises. For example: assuming 'tensor' = tf.constant(1.0, shape=[2, 3, 4]), its L2 norm (calculated along all the dims other than the first dim) will be [[sqrt(12)], [sqrt(12)]]; therefore, this tensor will be normalized by dividing [[sqrt(12)], [sqrt(12)]].

Note that tf.norm is not used here since it only allows the norm to be calculated over one axis, not multiple axes.


  • tensor: a tensor to be normalized. Can have any shape with the first axis being the batch dimension that will not be normalized across.
  • norm_type: one of configs.NormType, the type of vector norm.
  • epsilon: a lower bound value for the norm to avoid division by 0.


A normalized tensor with the same shape and type as 'tensor'.