Migrate to Model Card Toolkit 3

Model Card Toolkit 3 is designed to be model framework agnostic. Unlike in previous versions, you now need to install the extra package model-card-toolkit[tensorflow] to use Model Card Toolkit's TensorFlow utilities.

We've tried to balance minimizing breaking changes and having a simple and consistent API. The following table lists the backwards incompatible changes to the API. The primary change is that utilities that require optional TensorFlow dependencies are in files prefixed with tf_.

Removed Replacement
TensorFlow utils in model_card_toolkit.utils.graphics model_card_toolkit.utils.tf_graphics
model_card_toolkit.utils.json_util model_card_toolkit.utils.json_utils
model_card_toolkit.utils.testdata.testdata_utils model_card_toolkit.utils.testdata.tf_testdata_utils
model_card_toolkit.utils.sources model_card_toolkit.utils.tf_sources
model_card_toolkit.utils.tfx_utils model_card_toolkit.utils.tf_utils
model_card_toolkit.utils.validation model_card_toolkit.utils.json_utils