Install Model Remediation

You have a few options to download and start using TensorFlow Model Remediation:

  • To start learning what the library contains and how it works, run a tutorial for the technique that you're interested in. See the Intervening on the model section for the list of techniques and links to tutorials.
  • To download on a local machine, install the tensorflow-model-remediation pip package.
  • If your machine has a unique configuration, you can build your package from source.

Installing the pip package

To install the pip package run the following command:

$ pip install --upgrade tensorflow-model-remediation

This package requires TensorFlow 2.0 or higher.

Installing from source

First, clone the github repo:

$ git clone

Build the pip package from source (after any modifications if necessary):

$ python3 sdist bdist_wheel

Finally, install your locally built package:

$ pip install --upgrade dist/tensorflow_model_remediation-*.whl