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TensorFlow Decision Forests and TensorFlow Serving


TensorFlow Serving is a serving system for TensorFlow models in production environments. The TF-Serving team publishes a pre-compiled release containing only Core TensorFlow ops.

TensorFlow Decision Forests (TF-DF) models use custom Ops for inference. Therefore, they are not compatible with the pre-compiled releases of TF-Serving. The solution to serve TF-DF models with TF-Serving is to re-compile TF-Serving with TF-DF ops. This document explains how to do so.

We are currently not offering pre-compiled docker images of TF-Serving for TF-DF on dockerhub/tensorflow.


This guide is inspired from the TF-Serving compile from source guide . In case of an issue with TF-Serving or Docker, refer to this guide.

Install Docker

General installation instructions are on the Docker site.

Clone the build script

Download the source code of TF-Serving.

git clone
cd serving

Compile TF-Serving

First, make sure that TF-Serving compiles.

tools/ bazel build -c opt tensorflow_serving/...

This command compiles TensorFlow locally. This operation takes a long time (e.g. ~6h on a good machine without distributed compilation). As of today (Nov. 2021), the compilation of TF-Serving has ~30'000 bazel steps (see the compilation logs) .

Make sure to enable the available instruction sets compatible with your serving environment. TF-DF inference benefit from SIMD instructions.

Import TF-DF in the TF-Serving project.

Add the following lines in the WORKSPACE file located in the root directory of TF-Serving. The content should be placed near the top bellow workspace(name = "tf_serving"):

# Import Yggdrasil Decision Forests.
load("@bazel_tools//tools/build_defs/repo:http.bzl", "http_archive")

# Load the YDF dependencies. However, skip the ones already injected by
# TensorFlow.

# Import TensorFlow Decision Forests.
load("//tensorflow_serving:repo.bzl", "tensorflow_http_archive")

At the time of writing this guide, the current version of TensorFlow Decision Forests and Yggdrasil Decision Forests are both 0.2.0. Visit the respective github repositories to check for new stable releases. You might also have to select version compatible with the current version of TensorFlow (see TF-DF compatibility table) .

Register the TF-DF custom op.

Add the TF-DF inference ops to the SUPPORTED_TENSORFLOW_OPS variable defined in the file tensorflow_serving/model_servers/BUILD.

SUPPORTED_TENSORFLOW_OPS = if_v2([]) + if_not_v2([
]) + [
   # ... other ops
   # TF-DF inference op.

Recompile TF-Serving

Recompile TF-Serving (similarly as in the "Compile TF-Serving" section above) with the following flags:

--define use_tensorflow_io=1 # Use TensorFlow for IO operations.
--define no_absl_statusor=1 # Do not use absl for status (tf uses an old version of absl).

The full command might look as follows:

tools/ -d tensorflow/serving:latest-devel bazel \
    build -c opt tensorflow_serving/... \
    --define use_tensorflow_io=1 \
    --define no_absl_statusor=1

Testing the TF-Serving + TF-DF build

In this example, we trained a model on the adult dataset following this example.

Start TF-Serving on this model:


# Make sure that MODEL_PATH contains a version serving sub-directory. For example, the structure should be:
# /path/to/tf-df/model
# └── 1
#     ├── assets
#     ├── keras_metadata.pb
#     ├── saved_model.pb
#     └── variables

bazel-bin/tensorflow_serving/model_servers/tensorflow_model_server \
    --rest_api_port=8501 --model_name=${MODEL_NAME} --model_base_path=${MODEL_PATH}

Alternatively, you can start TF-Serving from withing the Docker instance:

tools/ -d tensorflow/serving:latest-devel \
  -o "-p 8501:8501 --mount type=bind,source=${MODEL_PATH},target=/my_model" \
  bazel-bin/tensorflow_serving/model_servers/tensorflow_model_server \
  --rest_api_port=8501 --model_name=${MODEL_NAME} --model_base_path=/my_model

Finally, send test requests to the model:

curl http://localhost:8501/v1/models/${MODEL_NAME}:predict -X POST \
    -d '{"instances": [{"age":[39],"workclass":["State-gov"],"fnlwgt":[77516],"education":["Bachelors"],"education_num":[13],"marital_status":["Never-married"],"occupation":["Adm-clerical"],"relationship":["Not-in-family"],"race":["White"],"sex":["Male"],"capital_gain":[2174],"capital_loss":[0],"hours_per_week":[40],"native_country":["United-States"]}]}'