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The ExampleGen TFX Pipeline Component

The ExampleGen TFX Pipeline component ingests data into TFX pipelines. It consumes external files/services to generate Examples which will be read by other TFX components.

  • Consumes: Data from external data sources such as CSV and BigQuery
  • Emits: tf.Example records

ExampleGen and Other Components

ExampleGen provides data to components that make use of the TensorFlow Data Validation library, such as SchemaGen, StatisticsGen, and Example Validator. It also provides data to Transform, which makes use of the TensorFlow Transform library, and ultimately to deployment targets during inference.

Developing an ExampleGen Component

For supported data sources (currently, CSV files and results of BigQuery queries) the ExampleGen pipeline component is typically very easy to deploy and requires little customization. Typical code looks like this:

from tfx.utils.dsl_utils import csv_input
from tfx.components import ExamplesGen

examples = csv_input(os.path.join(base_dir, 'no_split/span_1'))
examples_gen = ExamplesGen(input_data=examples)