Warning: This project is deprecated. TensorFlow Addons has stopped development, The project will only be providing minimal maintenance releases until May 2024. See the full announcement here or on github.


Sparsemax activation function.

For each batch \(i\), and class \(j\), compute sparsemax activation function:

\[ \mathrm{sparsemax}(x)[i, j] = \max(\mathrm{logits}[i, j] - \tau(\mathrm{logits}[i, :]), 0). \]

See From Softmax to Sparsemax: A Sparse Model of Attention and Multi-Label Classification.


x = tf.constant([[-1.0, 0.0, 1.0], [-5.0, 1.0, 2.0]])
<tf.Tensor: shape=(2, 3), dtype=float32, numpy=
array([[0., 0., 1.],
       [0., 0., 1.]], dtype=float32)>

logits A Tensor.
axis int, axis along which the sparsemax operation is applied.

A Tensor, output of sparsemax transformation. Has the same type and shape as logits.

ValueError In case dim(logits) == 1.