Module: tfa.image

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Image manipulation ops.


distance_transform module: Distance transform ops.

distort_image_ops module: Python layer for distort_image_ops.

filters module

transform_ops module: Image transform ops.

translate_ops module: Image translate ops.

utils module: Image util ops.


adjust_hsv_in_yiq(...): Adjust hue, saturation, value of an RGB image in YIQ color space.

connected_components(...): Labels the connected components in a batch of images.

dense_image_warp(...): Image warping using per-pixel flow vectors.

euclidean_dist_transform(...): Applies euclidean distance transform(s) to the image(s).

interpolate_bilinear(...): Similar to Matlab's interp2 function.

interpolate_spline(...): Interpolate signal using polyharmonic interpolation.

mean_filter2d(...): Perform mean filtering on image(s).

median_filter2d(...): Perform median filtering on image(s).

random_hsv_in_yiq(...): Adjust hue, saturation, value of an RGB image randomly in YIQ color

rotate(...): Rotate image(s) counterclockwise by the passed angle(s) in radians.

sparse_image_warp(...): Image warping using correspondences between sparse control points.

transform(...): Applies the given transform(s) to the image(s).

translate(...): Translate image(s) by the passed vectors(s).