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Module: tfa.layers

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Additional layers that conform to Keras API.


gelu module: Implements GELU activation.

maxout module: Implementing Maxout layer.

normalizations module

optical_flow module: Tensorflow op performing correlation cost operation.

poincare module: Implementing PoincareNormalize layer.

sparsemax module

wrappers module


class CorrelationCost: Correlation Cost Layer.

class GELU: Gaussian Error Linear Unit.

class GroupNormalization: Group normalization layer.

class InstanceNormalization: Instance normalization layer.

class Maxout: Applies Maxout to the input.

class PoincareNormalize: Project into the Poincare ball with norm <= 1.0 - epsilon.

class Sparsemax: Sparsemax activation function [1].

class WeightNormalization: This wrapper reparameterizes a layer by decoupling the weight's