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TQDM Progress Bar for Tensorflow Keras.

Used in the notebooks

Used in the tutorials

metrics_separator Custom separator between metrics. Defaults to ' - '.
overall_bar_format Custom bar format for overall (outer) progress bar, see for more detail.
epoch_bar_format Custom bar format for epoch (inner) progress bar, see for more detail.
update_per_second Maximum number of updates in the epochs bar per second, this is to prevent small batches from slowing down training. Defaults to 10.
metrics_format Custom format for how metrics are formatted. See for more detail.
leave_epoch_progress True to leave epoch progress bars.
leave_overall_progress True to leave overall progress bar.
show_epoch_progress False to hide epoch progress bars.
show_overall_progress False to hide overall progress bar.



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Format metrics in logs into a string.

logs dictionary of metrics and their values. Defaults to empty dictionary. factor (int): The factor we want to divide the metrics in logs by, useful when we are computing the logs after each batch. Defaults to 1.

metrics_string a string displaying metrics using the given formators passed in through the constructor.


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