Apply cutout to images with random offset.

This operation applies a (mask_height x mask_width) mask of zeros to a random location within images. The pixel values filled in will be of the value constant_values. The location where the mask will be applied is randomly chosen uniformly over the whole images.

images A tensor of shape (batch_size, height, width, channels) (NHWC).
mask_size Specifies how big the zero mask that will be generated is that is applied to the images. The mask will be of size (mask_height x mask_width). Note: mask_size should be divisible by 2.
constant_values What pixel value to fill in the images in the area that has the cutout mask applied to it.
seed A Python integer. Used in combination with tf.random.set_seed to create a reproducible sequence of tensors across multiple calls.

A Tensor of the same shape and dtype as images.

InvalidArgumentError if mask_size can't be divisible by 2.