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Tiles the batch dimension of a (possibly nested structure of) tensor(s).

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For each tensor t in a (possibly nested structure) of tensors, this function takes a tensor t shaped [batch_size, s0, s1, ...] composed of minibatch entries t[0], ..., t[batch_size - 1] and tiles it to have a shape [batch_size * multiplier, s0, s1, ...] composed of minibatch entries t[0], t[0], ..., t[1], t[1], ... where each minibatch entry is repeated multiplier times.

t Tensor shaped [batch_size, ...].
multiplier Python int.
name Name scope for any created operations.

A (possibly nested structure of) Tensor shaped [batch_size * multiplier, ...].

ValueError if tensor(s) t do not have a statically known rank or the rank is < 1.