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Become a publisher

Terms of service

By submitting a model for publication, you agree to the TensorFlow Hub Terms of Service at

Overview of the publishing process

The full process of publishing consists of:

  1. Creating the model (see how to export a model)
  2. Writing documentation (see how to write model documentation
  3. Creating a publishing request (see how to contribute)

Publisher page specific markdown format

Publisher documentation is declared in the same kind of markdown files as described in the writing model documentation guide, with slight syntactic differences.

The correct location for the publisher file on the TensorFlow Hub repo is:<publisher_name>/<>

See the minimal publisher documentation example:

# Publisher vtab
Visual Task Adaptation Benchmark

[![Icon URL]](

The Visual Task Adaptation Benchmark (VTAB) is a diverse, realistic and
challenging benchmark to evaluate image representations.

The example above specifies the publisher name, a short description, path to icon to use, and a longer free-form markdown documentation.

Publisher name guideline

Your publisher name can be your GitHub username or the name of the GitHub organization you manage.