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TensorFlow.js guide

The guide contains these sections:

  • Tensors and Operations —An intro to tensors, data, shapes and data types, the building blocks of TensorFlow.js
  • Platform & Environment —Overview of the different platforms and environments in TensorFlow.js and the tradeoffs between them.
  • Models and Layers —How to build a model in TensorFlow.js using the Layers and the Core API.
  • Training Models —Introduction to training: models, optimizers, losses, metrics, variables.
  • Saving and Loading Models —Learn how to save and load TensorFlow.js models.
  • Model Conversion —See the landscape of model types available in the TensorFlow.js ecosystem and the details behind conversion of models.
  • Differences from Python tf.keras —Know the major differences and capabilities between TensorFlow.js and Python tf.keras and the API conventions used in JavaScript.
  • Using TensorFlow.js in Node.js —Understand the tradeoffs between the three available Node.js bindings and the system requirements they have.