Swift for TensorFlow is a next generation platform for deep learning and differentiable programming.

By integrating directly with a general purpose programming language, Swift for TensorFlow enables more powerful algorithms to be expressed like never before.

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Tutorials show you how to use Swift.

How it works
First-class autodiff

Differentiable programming gets first-class support in a general-purpose programming language. Take derivatives of any function, or make custom data structures differentiable at your fingertips.

Next-generation APIs

New APIs informed by the best practices of today, and the research directions of tomorrow, are both easier to use and more powerful.

Builds on TensorFlow

Building on TensorFlow, the Swift APIs give you transparent access to all low-level TensorFlow operators.

High-quality tooling

Building upon Jupyter and LLDB, Swift in Colab improves your productivity with helpful tooling such as context-aware autocomplete.

Community participation

See more ways to participate in the TensorFlow community.

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